Tequity Software and Technology M&A

Tequity’s specialty is strategic M&A for Software and Technology companies. Our core strength is enterprise Software and IT Service companies in the middle market. Our clients represent a wide range of vertical and horizontal firms across many different markets and areas of specialization. The common thread running through all of them is their intangible value.

With decades of combined experience as executives, consultants, and owners of software and technology companies, Kevin Tribe and his team assist CEO’s and shareholders with divestitures, acquisitions, valuations, and business exit strategies. We are experienced in both domestic and cross-border transactions, and regularly source strategic buyers for our clients from around the world.

Why Software & Technology Companies Choose Tequity for M&A

When it comes to M&A transactions, software and technology companies are much different than traditional industries and require specialized skills and market knowledge. Strategic investments are more often the norm over financial transactions, and the value of intellectual property is never reflected on the balance sheet.

We Uncover Hidden Value: We understand and pursue the value of IP and other “off the balance sheet” items that have a tremendous impact on valuation in knowledge-based businesses. We can uncover hidden value that owners and shareholders may not see in their daily routine and we can articulate it to your buyers.

We’re Specialists at Working with Software and Technology Companies: Technology companies are different. M & A transactions for technology companies are all we do. Our unique focus means we can bring the best possible price and terms to your transaction. We know the market, we know the key players, and we understand the factors influencing valuations.

Performance-Based Compensation: Our fees are performance-based and results-oriented, which means that our interests are aligned with yours. There are no large retainers or high professional service costs. We will structure your deal for maximum value because we get paid the same way that you get paid.

We Get It: We have lived in your shoes and have many years’ experience as owners and CEO’s. Having been through the process with our own companies, we endeavour to protect the sweat and time equity of founders – we understand the personal cost to arrive where you are today and are able to really understand your shareholders’ personal and business objectives.

Experience: We have successfully closed numerous high-tech M & A transactions. By using our services you will avoid the most common mistakes that people make.

We Maintain Your Focus: Finding a buyer for your company or a strategic venture for you to acquire can take many months of hard work and requires experience. Let us handle all the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on running your core business.

Successful Track Record: We achieve some of the highest success rates in the industry.

Satisfied Clients: We have many satisfied clients who will share their stories with you.

Global Reach: We are experienced in domestic and cross-border transactions, and regularly source buyers for our clients from around the world.

Extensive Database: We maintain a huge proprietary database of North-American and global technology-related buyers, sellers, investors, and associates. We frequently find buyers that our clients didn’t know about.

Timing: We work quickly, often obtaining results in 5 to 9 months.

Confidential: Our relationships are based on confidentiality, integrity, and open communications.

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