NRF The Big Show a Big Success for Tequity

As part of our ongoing efforts to meet our clients and prospective clients where they meet, Tequity attended NRF, the big retail show in New York last week. NRF is a vast sprawling event with thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors. This year the event had 550 solution providers and 300+ industry experts sharing their expertise and getting attendees excited to tackle 2014.  One of the key themes at this year’s event was the impact of mobile on the retail market. Experts agreed that retailers need to lay a clear path to introduce a multi-channel mobile strategy but should start slowly after fully understanding their market. Another area of interest is big data and analytics innovation around consumer buying patterns as well as targeted mobile advertising and curated content delivery (the right content at the right place at the right time).  We were able to meet with past clients and we had an opportunity to talk to a number of new firms while we were there. Everyone is sensing the change and churn in the current market and the topic of exits came up many times.  On a side note, the Uber service available was outstanding and made getting around a snap. We’re looking forward to 2015!


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