Technology Company Mergers and Acquisitions

Perhaps you’ve recognized that in order to get to the next level, you need to merge your technology company into a larger firm that offers the resources you lack, or acquire a company with complementary products, services, or skill sets? These resources and offerings could be related to management, sales, marketing, finance or a combination of these and more.

In these cases we work very closely with clients to develop a detailed understanding of their strategy, profile for mergers and acquisitions, and attributes they seek. Outsourcing the process minimizes distraction and provides for the continued focus on company operations.

Finding the company that will best accelerate your future growth is a lengthy and resource-intensive process. Tequity’s team has developed a proven process to help companies achieve their merger or acquisition strategy efficiently and confidentially.

Our objectives in each transaction are:

  • To minimize the disruption to your organization by having your management team involved only with the most promising targets and at those stages where a merger or acquisition seems possible.
  • To manage and organize the approach to targets as well as the information dissemination and analysis phases.
  • To uncover opportunities for consideration that are not being broadly marketed.

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