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Raymark Xpert Business Systems, Inc.

was acquired by


Raymark Xpert Business Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise omni-channel retail software solutions, has been acquired by Mi9 Retail, the premier provider of enterprise retail merchandising, business intelligence, and store operations software.  Tequity acted as the exclusive advisor to Raymark.

Tequity advises the owners of privately held software and information technology companies on strategic sales, mergers, and acquisitions.  This transaction represents the 8th successful Retail Technology deal completed by our firm in recent years.

The Synergy

The combined company brings together two innovators in retail software to offer a broad suite of real-time enabled applications, including merchandising, analytics, point-of-sale, omni-channel, clienteling, and CRM.

The acquisition of Raymark will enable Mi9 Retail to serve a larger base of retailers and broaden its offering to include the best retail specific customer-centric applications on the market.

What the Industry Says

Joe Skorupa, Editor-in-Chief of RIS News said “Mi9 Retail, a pioneer in retail merchandising, has been a top performer in customer satisfaction surveys for many years, as demonstrated in the annual RIS News LeaderBoard rankings, and Raymark has recently become a rising performer. This bodes well for creating a strong unified approach to customers when the companies officially merge and a smooth transition of corporate cultures. Also, Mi9 Retail’s strong U.S. focus will achieve benefits from Raymark’s broader international approach.”

The need for premium retail specific customer-centric applications has been widely recognized as the driver behind retailers’ abilities to meet consumer demands and drive revenue.  “Consumer expectations for seamless shopping experiences are placing new operational burdens on stores to support new customer-led business models. Store associates, in particular, must be able to serve and support critical cross-channel processes — such as order management, inventory management, replenishment and returns — while also having access to the same types of information and insight customers leverage throughout the shopping process,” according to Kelsie Marian, Principal Research Analyst with the Gartner Industry Advisory Services team. 1

1Gartner, How Retail CIOs Can Increase Revenue by Improving Associate and Customer Engagement, Kelsie Marian, 16 March 2015

About Raymark

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices in Atlanta, Paris, and Shanghai, Raymark is a world-class retail software partner.  Raymark develops and markets the ultimate suite of flexible and interconnected applications deployed in a centralized environment.


About Mi9 Retail

Mi9 Retail, the premier provider of enterprise retail merchandising, business intelligence and customer-centric software, empowers the world’s most successful retailers to build strong personal relationships with their customers, process high volumes of transactions in real time, and optimize inventory across all channels.  The company’s global headquarters are located in Miami, FL, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Would You Like Tequity to Create the Same Success for You?

We have a success rate of 80% closing transactions over the past 3 years. As specialists in M&A advisory work to Software and Information Technology companies focusing on delivering solutions to Retailers, Tequity understands the value of IP, teams of knowledge-based specialists, who your best synergistic buyers are likely to be, and how create the ideal outcome for your shareholders.

We are called in when shareholders:

  • Recognize they need the resources of a larger, synergistic organization to take the company to greater market success, and wish to explore a merger or being acquired
  • Have decided it’s time to de-risk their investment” and explore a liquidity event. This often happens when their company needs a substantial investment (in sales, marketing or product re-development) and the preference is to reduce not increase risks.
  • Have been approached by an unsolicited buyer and recognize the need for professional representation to field the opportunity.
  • Would like to learn what needs to be done now to maximize value in a future sale
  • Look to supplement their organic growth with the acquisition of one or more companies

If you would like to have a conversation around any of the above, please contact us at

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