Competing in the Battle for Talent in Greater Toronto/Kitchener-Waterloo

As the North American markets continue to regain strength and the demand for technology grows, organizations across Canada’s key technology region – from the Greater Toronto Astock-photo-40280274-blurred-business-interactionrea (GTA) through to Kitchener-Waterloo (K-W) – will need to be more focused on hiring and retaining key talent.

The competition for top talent in the technology sector has truly gone global, and organizations in this area are increasingly having to adjust their compensation and salary strategies to reflect global standards and expectations.

It will become increasingly imperative for companies to start thinking more clearly about how they will compete with worldwide brands like Google, Facebook, and others, through smart talent development and the creation of a more empowering work environment.

To learn more about how organizations across the region are compensating and hiring their key and executive talent, KPMG and Brightlights teamed together to conduct an informal survey of senior executives at almost 100 GTA/K-W technology companies.  Forty percent represented start-ups (1-25 employees), 36 percent represented mid-sized firms (25-100 employees), and the remainder responded on behalf of larger firms with more than 100 employees, clearly representing a strong cross-section of the area’s technology company landscape.

2014 Technology Compensation Survey (Greater Toronto Area and Kitchener/Waterloo)

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