Tech Bubble? Maybe, Maybe Not

I just finished Unicorn cloudreading a great post by Bill Maris, President and Managing Partner at Google Ventures on whether we are currently in a bubble with regard to start ups like the one we experienced in 2000 – or not.  If we are, is it the same?  Worse? Back in the “dot com bubble” there were a lot of start ups getting big investments.  When many of these highly funded companies failed, a lot of people lost a lot of money and it took a while for the economy to recover. Here we are 15 years later watching as companies like Uber, DropBox, and Airbnb are getting multi-billion dollar valuations and many people can’t help but draw comparisons and wonder whether we are heading for a disastrous fall.  Rather than rely on anecdotal evidence or personal opinion, Bill had his team look at the available data.  You can read his post on the case for and against a tech bubble here.

There are currently 53 private tech companies in the US valued at over $1B, AKA “Unicorns”.  Who are the investors behind these companies, and which firms are proving to be the best at spotting these potential unicorns early?  Click here to find out.

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