What Was Very Impressive Was the Strength of Your Contacts

Roy Hogsed, President & CEO, iSoft Corporation

Kevin, you and your team are true shining stars in my book. You took our situation of wanting to become part of a much stronger company so that our development years could be fully utilized and turned it into a path of success for both our people and the product suite itself.

Not once during a pretty frenzied three month period did you falter at my unrealistic requests and half baked ideas. You turned each one into a win win for both the potential buyers and us.

You also stayed so involved in both the screening and actual selling / due diligence I felt you were my right hand and many times were.

What is very impressive was the strength of your contacts for exposing us to buyers we never thought of. Your approach of protecting us during the early screening allowed me to concentrate on running a company and as needed doing the formal selling.

Hours did not matter to you and your input was always thought out and usually my saving grace.

It is with pleasure I write this to you in hopes that others read it and recognize what a great find they will have if they contract with you to help them buy or sell a company.  Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.


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