Is the Time Right For a Sale?

The fall is often a time that shareholders and directors give thought to their strategic plan for the coming year.  Will they try to increase growth organically?  Through acquisition?  Or perhaps merging with a larger company that can provide the customer channels or resources is the best strategy? For software firms with ageing applications, the […]

Increasing Your Company’s Valuation

Selling  may be years in the future, however, the most successful companies have instilled a discipline to constantly be making important daily decisions with the perspective of how each will improve their company’s valuation.  CEOs are continuously juggling dozens of issues to make their company more competitive, grow faster, and become more innovative, efficient and […]

Use a Specialist When Selling Your Company

Recently we had a conversation with the CEO of a company that we’d previously had discussions with about hiring Tequity to assist in selling his firm.  We didn’t get the engagement; instead, he and his board decided they would go with the brand recognition that a large accounting firm would bring to their project.  While […]

The Future Of Your Business: Succession or Exit?

Succession or exit – it’s a stark choice, but since we are all mortal, one of these is going to happen! A recent study of Canadian businesses showed that while 70% recognized that a transition or exit will have to take place, only 7% had a plan! And incidentally, selling at the best price at […]

6 Most Common Reasons People Don’t Consider Hiring an M&A Advisor

We talk to many different people from all shapes and sizes of software, service, and technology companies on a weekly basis, and following are the 6 most common reasons people give when asked why they don’t think they need an M&A advisor to help them when they are considering selling their company: Reason #1:  Overconfidence in […]

9 Common Mistakes Made When Selling a Software or Technology Company

Unfortunately, we see far too many mistakes made by software and technology company owners and shareholders when selling their businesses.  These are the top 9: 1.  Selling Because they Got an Offer Too often shareholders are approached by a buyer with what they perceive is a reasonable offer and sell. They think they negotiated well […]

2013 M&A Outlook for Lower Mid-Market & Small Software and Tech Companies

According to a number of industry indicators 2012 was a little slower for tech M&A transactions than anticipated, or 2011 results.  Reported private equity transactions were lower and virtual data room providers, industry publications and analysts report volume of transactions and value of total annual deals down by as much as 25%. While that may […]

The Real Reason Instagram Sold for $1B ….and what it means to you

By now everyone knows that Instagram, a company with 12 employees and no revenue, recently sold to Facebook for $1B.  However, there are a couple of things that you may not be aware of, and one of these was addressed recently in a great article by Peter Lehrman of Axial Market, some of which is paraphrased […]