12 Common Misconceptions Shareholders Have About Valuation

During the course of a week, we talk to a lot of shareholders about their strategies, their objectives, and how they can start planning now for a future M&A event. One common point of discussion is always around valuation. There are many misapprehensions that shareholders have on this topic. In some cases it is wishful […]

12 Reasons to Use an Advisory Firm if You’ve Been Approached

Trying to manage the process and negotiate directly with a potential buyer when you have been approached puts you at a disadvantage in a number of ways. Public companies understand this – even though they often have deep internal resources to draw from – and never approach a transaction without an advisor. If the initial […]

You’ve Been Approached by an Interested Buyer – What Should You Do?

Each year, thousands of companies across North America get approached by a company or individual interested in acquiring them. These can include everything from strategic corporate buyers to financial buyers (private equity firms, search funds, consolidators, etc.) and individual investors. If someone approached you with an interest in buying your company, would you know what […]

Thinking of Selling Within 4 Years?

Among all M&A deals announced last year, 15% were acquisitions of technology companies, more than any other sector and totalling roughly $125B USD. 2017 looks poised to be another blockbuster year for sellers of software and technology companies. In fact, a recent survey of global deal-makers from across the corporate, private equity, and investment banking […]

One Founder’s Really Solid, No BS Account of the Sale of his Company

I read this post by Scott Galloway, Founder and CEO at L2 Inc., acquired by Gartner in 2017 and thought that it was so good it should be shared. He shares lessons that many entrepreneurs learn the hard way (or not at all). He talks about timing a sale, why using advisors is so important, […]

Most Owners Make this Mistake When Approached by an Interested Buyer

What would you do if you got approached by an interested buyer? One of the first things to figure out is whether they are a real buyer. Are they a competitor? Are they a financial buyer? (private equity firm, search fund, consolidator, etc.) Are they really serious or just tire kicking to see if they […]

Expression of Interest vs. Letter of Intent

During an M&A transaction there are a number of documents that get exchanged between the buyers and the sellers that are key to the process. Expressions of Interest and Letters of Intent are two such documents that are often used interchangeably. An Expression of Interest (known as an EOI) or a Letter of Intent (known […]

Maximizing Value – Preparing for a Sale

There are many areas that need to be reviewed, evaluated, and addressed before a technology company is ready to be presented for sale to prospective buyers.¬†Following are a few items to be aware of and possibly address in order to prepare for, and maximize your company’s value, in a sale transaction: 1.¬† Check Your Ego:¬† […]

Five Reasons Not to Sell Your Technology Company (Yet)

We regularly speak to owners, shareholders, and executives across a variety of software and technology organizations considering the sale of their company. In many cases, after some initial discussion and exploration, we recommend they hold off on a sale in order to address specific issues that are likely to hinder the successful completion of a […]

19 Ways That Good M&A Advisors Add Value

A large, publicly traded technology company would never consider an M&A transaction without representation from one of the large investment banking firms. They know how complex deals can be and the myriad number of ways that they can run off the rails. They also understand the immense amount of work that goes into a transaction […]