You Brought us a Quality List of Prospective Buyers We Would Never Have Found on our Own

Kevin Hollis, President, Concentrix Business Solutions Inc.

Kevin, thank you so much for your work in finding us a strategic buyer for Concentrix. As the former Channel Manager for Accpac / Sage in Canada I thought I knew everyone. After taking on our project in short order you brought us a quality list of prospective buyers from across North America who we would have never found on our own.

As two of the shareholders were going to be staying with the new owners you listened to us carefully and interviewed the buyers to ensure that we all felt comfortable with the “fit”.  It paid off.

Having successfully negotiated a deal with a good company we had the unfortunate experience of having the deal collapse for reasons which were out of everyone’s control. If you were frustrated or upset on the inside it didn’t show. You were calm cool and so very patient through a difficult stretch in the process. Without missing a beat you quickly had a second buyer for us at terms equal or more favorable than the first.

Anyone making use of your services (which I highly recommend they do) will find you hard working and attentive, an active listener and a skilled facilitator as well as tough negotiator. You were a great coach for us and a trusted advisor. We thank you for helping us “sell up” to a larger strategic organization.

I have no doubt you will continue with great success helping others like us.

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