Retail Technology 2020 Outlook

Now back a few weeks after NRF 2020 Vision, here are our thoughts and predictions on Retail Tech for the coming year. Customer Experience This was the dominant theme at the show this year. Aptos, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, JDA, Salesforce, and others all echoed this in their messaging throughout their booths. Retailers are working at […]

What is Your MSP (Managed Service Provider) Company Worth?

The MSP Market has been undergoing a wave of consolidation. Large service providers have been acquiring smaller firms and a number of MSPs have merged. In the first five weeks of 2020 there have already been 66 M&A transactions among MSPs, VARs, and IT Services firms globally. If you’ve been wondering what the value of […]

Machine Learning is Increasingly Infiltrating Tech Across All Areas

At the end of Q1 the big news was McDonald’s acquisition of Dynamic Yield, the first ever acquisition the company has done in tech. Dynamic Yield’s software uses machine learning to make personalized recommendations via the web, mobile apps, and digital kiosks (“drive thru” for example, and now, ordering in-store as well). McDonalds is looking […]

HR Tech M&A Deal Trends

We saw a big jump in the number of HR Tech transactions in 2018 and there have already been 30 transactions announced in Q1 2019. Since 2015, annual transaction volumes for HR Software companies has been fairly consistent. This changed dramatically last year when the total number of companies acquired in this market increased 55%. […]

Software Median Deal Values Highest Since 2002

Software Company technology transactions across all vertical and horizontal markets had a huge jump in 2018, resulting in market valuations that were the highest they have been since 2002. Increase in Deal Volume: 20% Increase in Deal Value: 202% It won’t simply be business as usual again this year as you experience even more companies […]

NRF 2019 was Busy! Retail Tech M&A Outlook Continues to be Positive

We met with over two dozen companies this year at NRF, and if the number of meetings is anything to go by, it looks like it will be another big year in deal-making in this market. Deal value reported for 2018 was almost two times that of the next busiest year, 2015. We are seeing […]

FinTech M&A Shows No Sign of Slowing

2018 was a huge year in FinTech M&A. Adoption of new technologies, security concerns, and new regulations are all driving increased deal flow.  Additionally, investors are pouring in record levels of funding. And so far in 2019 there have already been 9 transactions announced – 5 in North America and 3 in Western Europe.  Mastercard’s […]

Strategic Buyers say they will Step Up Acquisitions in 2019

Global corporate and financial buyers continued their shopping sprees last year, with shareholders who chose to explore a transaction reaping the rewards of this strong market. Tech M&A transactions in 2018 came very close to the lofty heights reached in 2015.  Total Deal Value for 2018 reached $574B on 3,659 transactions, compared to 2015’s Total Deal […]

Healthcare Tech M&A Deal Values Soared in 2018 – And 2019 Looks to See More of the Same

Healthcare Tech M&A transactions hit an all-time high deal value in 2018.  In 2017 there were 95 healthcare technology transactions at a total announced value of $6.6B.  In 2018, there were 103 closed transactions with announced value of $11.9B – an increase in total deal value of 80% over 2017!  The Median Revenue Multiple was […]

Second-Half Surge for Tech M&A

Value of Announced Tech Deals Projected to Surpass 2017 By End of August Spending on tech acquisitions in the first half of this year has surged — 70% higher than the same period last year. Despite facing sharp competition from non-tech acquirers and private equity buyers, enterprise (aka ‘strategic’) buyers are on pace to do […]