Tequity Surpassed Our Expectations

With global operations in a market undergoing transformative change, it was imperative to work with the right advisory firm. Tequity’s knowledge of international markets, strong negotiation skills, and ability to tightly manage our process resulted in a great outcome. Their systems and people are top-notch.  – Randy Woods, Co-Founder, Nonlinear Creations, Inc.

We Were Pleased to Have Tequity Assisting Us

Selling an IT business is hard and complicated. The process brings together a need for marketing, finance, strategy, and tax, legal, and technical capabilities. Equally important, it requires experience and finesse in the soft skills of dealing with people issues and negotiations. We were pleased to have Tequity assisting us every step of the way.   […]

Selling Your Company Requires an Experienced Team

Selling a company takes more hard work that I could have imagined. There are many points during the process when having an experienced team that you like and trust to help you through the ups and downs and keep you focused on achieving your objectives is extremely important. The strategic advice and guidance I received from the team […]

Selling CPAS Was a Critical Juncture in My Life

David Rive, Founder & CEO of CPAS Systems Inc., a Xerox Company I am pleased to recommend the team at Tequity Inc. to the shareholders of any software or IT-services company seeking the strategic sale of their firm.  Having had the opportunity to work with Kevin and his team for several years, we have a number […]

Tequity Played a Very Important Role in Contributing to Our Successful Outcome

James Duncan, Former Business Owner and Treasurer – Eurodata Support Services Inc. Eurodata Support Services Inc (ESS) has been a great business for myself and partner Leslie for many years, but our focus had totally shifted a number of years ago as other business interests grew, so we decided to seek a strategic buyer for ESS. […]

Tequity Specialized in Small to Mid-Sized Technology Firms

Howard Brown, Former Owner, DOC-IT  Tequity was originally recommended to us by a large M&A firm that did not deal with companies like ours.  I found that Tequity specifically specialized in small to mid-sized technology firms so I requested a meeting with Kevin Tribe.  From our initial meeting as well as subsequent conversations, I felt […]

I Wouldn’t Hesitate to Use Tequity Again

Mark Halwa, Managing Partner at NanoFibre Networks Inc. Kevin Tribe from Tequity approached us when the shareholders were contemplating selling our company.  We didn’t think we wanted assistance from an M&A firm, however Kevin persistently and professionally kept making contact and we realized that for many reasons it made sense to have professional representation from […]

Your Direction and Advice Throughout the Process was Very Helpful

Rick Register, Robocom Systems International Kevin and Wilf, I realize this email is a bit tardy, but as you can imagine, I have been quite busy. I wanted to thank you both for managing and facilitating the process by which Cambar was acquired by Robocom. Your direction and advice throughout the process was very helpful […]

Your Expertise, Feedback and Comments were Always Positive

Mary Jo Barton & Bruce Bennett Former owners of EDI Support, Inc. Bruce and I would like to thank you so much for bringing our retirement dream to fruition. Without your help and diligence, the sale of EDI Support, Inc. would not have been realized. You had the tenacity to continue with us through several […]

I Would Never Have Dreamed of the Complexities that Were Involved

Dr. Blaize A. Stewart, Owner – Retired “Please don’t be a stranger.” Kevin, what am I to do now without my morning update from you? I just might be really retired, but that was our goal now, wasn’t it? I can’t thank you enough for your invaluable assistance through the whole process of selling STS. […]